We often get asked what is the right brush to use and the correct answer is of course that there is no one brush that is perfect for everyone but here are a few thoughts on selecting the right one for you.

Tooth decay is started by the bacteria in your mouth(plaque) processing sugar in your diet and producing an acid which attacks the teeth.

Sugar + Plaque = Tooth Decay 

Preventing tooth decay is all about removing elements of that equation. Toothbrushing or mechanical cleaning is necessary to shift the plaque / bacteria from your teeth. Despite what the marketing specialists want you to believe, any of our dentists will tell you that mouthwash alone or indeed first will not do too much for you. The secret is thorough gentle mechanical cleaning.

Many studies have shown that electric toothbrushes perform better and get better results for most patients than manual ones.  It pays to stick to the big brands here and either choose the brush with the  head that rotates back and forwards or choose the sonic brush.

When selecting the right model all you REALLY need is a toothbrush with a 2 minute timer. Most of the other features are of marginal importance.

Manual toothbrushes are a bit trickier as they need to have soft bristles ( usually the correct bristle type is a LOT softer than you think) and a small  head. Be aware that many of the brushes you see in the supermarkets are too big and the bristles are too hard. If you hold the brush facing away from you and can see the bristles splaying out…..it is probably time for a change.

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