Improving and monitoring your dental health

Improving your dental health

Your dentist or hygienist will work closely with you to help you improve your dental health, they can advise on tooth brushing technique, flossing technique and the use of inter dental brushes.Your dentist or hygienist will also help you understand the right way to  look after your gums and advise if there are any causes for concerns regarding your dental health.

Monitoring your dental health

Your dentist or hygienist will also monitor your dental health on each visit. This gives you an easy way to see if your oral healthcare routine is getting better or worse over a period of time. Many patients are surprised that if they follow the helpful advice of their dentist or hygienist that their oral health improves dramatically. We all brush but getting  the technique and mix of home care products right fro your mouth is the secret to success

Better oral health increases your chances of keeping your teeth for life… Something everyone wants. The dental hygienists at our dental practice in Edinburgh have many years experience helping the local people with their gum and tooth health. If you are at all concerned about the health of your gums or teeth please do give us a call today.

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