Dental Hygienist

How Can A Dental Hygienist Help?

Dental hygienists are specially trained to help patients not only care for their teeth but keep them looking their best too. Hygienists are specially trained to help patients prevent and if necessary treat gum disease which is often called periodontal disease.  Their role is to carefully remove plaque and tartar deposits from teeth as well as eliminate the stains that build up from tea, coffee,red wine or smoking. A good hygienist will always offer advice  and coaching ( if you want it!)  on the best products and routines to use at home to keep your mouth healthy.

A dental hygienist role extends well beyond making things look nice, recent research has liked untreated gum disease  to high blood pressure, heart disease,  diabetes, increased risk of stroke and dementia. There is  a growing realisation that excellent oral health  is much more important in whole body health than was thought for many years.

Why would I see a dental hygienist?

  • If you are in need of treatment for  gum/periodontal disease
  • If you suffer from one of the medical conditions that gum disease can influence
  • If you need help treating halitosis / bad breath
  • If you have stubborn stains on your teeth that don’t brush off
  • If you have had braces removed and want to get back that sparkling fresh feeling

How Can I See The Hygienist?

There are 2 ways you can see a hygienist. Probably the best is to resister or see one of our dentists to complete a full examination They will fully assess not only your gum health but the rest of your mouth as well and then, if appropriate prescribe exactly the right mix of visits to see the hygienist.

Alternatively you can choose to self refer to our hygienist for what is calle a direct access visit. You do not need to see the dentist first. Simply call our reception team on 0131 313 3079 and ask for a direct access visit to see the dental hygienist – treatment menu is below

What does a dental hygienist visit cost?

Hygienist visit are provided outside the NHS, fees for a dentist prescribed ( after a dental examination)   are

  • 20 minute visit £42
  • 30 minute visit £63
  • 40 Minute visit £84

Direct access visit

for patients who do not wish to see a dentist for a full examination the minimum initial visit length is 30 minutes

Standard Clean – 30 minute thorough hygiene session including oral care advice and support £63

Airflow Clean – super clean teeth using a high powered airflow stain remover, visit usually lasts 30 mins, ideal for smokers, tea coffee drinkers and red wine lovers! £84

Airflow Polish( with express or standard) – if there are limited areas of stain, air polishing can be added to an Express or Standard clean Adds £21

We’re pleased to offer dental hygienist care to our neighbours  including the local areas of Haymarket, Murrayfield, Ravelston, Roseburn, West End & West Coates

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