Anti Wrinkle Injections

If you are looking for wrinkle reducing injections in Edinburgh then you have come to the the right place.

Whether it is reducing wrinkles on the forehead or wrinkles around the eyes, sometimes referred to as crows feet, we can help. Anti wrinkle injections are also particularly good at reducing the lines that appear as the 11 between your eyebrows when you frown!
If you would like to reduce or eliminate these fine lines that make you look older than you would like then Orla and the skilled team at EH can help. As dentists we know more about facial anatomy than most people and so understand well that wrinkles appear where we don’t want them when the underlying facial muscles contract.

What are  anti wrinkle injections?

Our team uses tiny injections of Clostridium Botulinim sometimes referred to as Botox to relax small sections of these muscles, this in turn prevents the wrinkles from appearing. At The EH team are highly trained in these treatments and as part of their daily work are used to ensuring excellent infection control, add to this the fact that every dental practice has to be independently inspected and you could say that you are in very safe hands.

How Does Botox Work?

Wrinkles that appear when you smile or frown are caused by small muscles just below the surface contracting and pulling the skin with them.  Botox injections  temporarily prevent the nerves that  make these muscles contract  from working.  Without the small muscles contracting you will see fewer wrinkles. Botox lasts for  varying lengths of time depending on your metabolism and the areas you choose to treat. Generally over time however many patients report d that the results last longer.

As with all our treatments we aim to work to the highest recognised standard and complete treatment in 3 phases to ensure the best results as well as your wellbeing.

Why not book a free no obligation consultation with one of our team about this, lip fillers or any other facial aesthetics treatment. Remember we are open from 8:00am – late  most week days and saturday appointments are available  too.

    Stages Of Anti Wrinkle Treatment