Family Dental Care

At EH we provide the full range of  dental care for all of the family.

We are currently registering all adults on a private basis while we await  clarity from Scottish Government as the to their final plans for dentistry in Scotland.   For children, we offer a gentle and caring introduction to dental health, we recommend starting your child visits from 6 months of age.  While at this stage it is unlikely that we will have very much to look at, it starts to get your child used to somewhere that may be  new and a bit unusual to them.  At this stage we can offer advice on how to set up the best possible home care routines as your child grows and develops, most importantly  we want to work with you to set  your child on a path to lifelong dental health.

For adults, we provide through, gentle dental care. No matter whether your last visit was 6 months or 6 years ago we would love  to meet you. Prevention is central to our approach at EH Dental care. While our team are delighted to to help you repair and restore any dental problems that you may have they will be even happier to see you dentally fit requiring no active treatment. We can advise and assist you in choosing the best products and home care routines to make this a reality. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your smile we can, if you wish discuss options to address this.

You can book a private new patient appointment directly here or  complete   the form on this page to register the younger members of the family and our team will contact you.