Gum disease is a serious condition, unlike many dental problems gum disease is generally a pain free condition. It can quietly destroy significant quantities of the bone that holds your teeth in place, and left unchecked it can lead to tooth loss. The only way to diagnose periodontal disease or gum disease is to have a dentist examine your mouth. As an NHS Dentist in Edinburgh that examination is free to all of our patients at EH Dental Care. The first signs of trouble that you might notice is bleeding gums when you brush  or floss.  If this happens to you please don’t fall in to the usual trap of reaching for the mouth wash as  it really won’t help solve the problem on its own. Why not  pop in for a chat with one of our friendly helpful Edinburgh Dentists or read our top tips below the video.

Below is a trailer for an  informative video on periodontal disease and its treatment from a patients perspective.   It you would like to see the full  version of the video  below just click here and it will open on a new tab.

Top tips to prevent gum disease

  • brush systematically and thoroughly for 2 minutes every day (ideally twice a day)
  • your may notice bleeding gums for the first few days after you step up your home care routine
  • electric toothbrushes really do make a better job of cleaning than manual brushes for most patients.
  • not all electric toothbrushes are created equal, ask your dentist for a few suggestions
  • make sure you have a regular dental examination – its free on the NHS
  • if you have been diagnosed with gum disease make sure you don’t miss dental visits.
  • once treated for gum disease you need to maintain excellent home care at all times to prevent it from returning. Bleeding gums are always a sign of trouble.
  • gum disease is now associated with heart disease, high blood pressure and a host of other conditions. Now more than ever we know that  keeping your mouth healthy really is an essential part of whole body health.